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SO well written, Chris - this piece really touched me. Thank you for your posts.

very well said good sir. ameesha had similar stories after a few stints in nigeria as well. it is pretty amazing that even globe trotting westerners often know very little about the reality most of the world lives in. just our own carefully crafted story of that reality.

hope you and your better half are doing well.

Having said all this, I suppose somewhere in the fog there is a point to it all. My best guess is this is an attempt to explain that when I complain about being exhausted; when I say I would love to do whatever but really, I need to sleep; when I actually sleep for several days and ignore emails and phone calls, it really is simply part of this disease I have. The very best analogy I can come up with only works for some people. I Sometimes I just feel like I've got mono to the power of ten.

Finally...an article that tells some true facts about life in Africa. I've been to Kenya last year also and I really do agree with what you say. Our population is fed with the idea that Africa is a needful territory and that's all...It is a little true but why can't nobody see beyond this fact, as an example those Kenyans...

In today's stage of social development, the topic about "serve others" is worth discussing.

I don't see tragedy in this issue)

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It is better to fight for justice than to rail at the ill. ´╝łAlfreds Tennyson, Bitish writer´╝ë

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