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good post (or series of posts i should say).

i suppose it's part of overall efforts to promote nutrition, but does ampath work specifically on getting people access to clean water? isnt that an even less recognized global health issue than hunger? curious to hear your thoughts on orgs like charity:water and how/if they are helping/complimenting efforts.

thanks, avin. clean water is definitely a critical issue. we've got a team of engineers developing a plan to provide all our clinics, farms, and patients with clean water. the major issue with the existing water infrastructure is poor quality construction and little to no maintenance (apparently, there is no word in Kiswahili for maintenance). and for those fetching their water from nearby rivers, lakes, and ponds it's an issue of water treatment education and affordable in-home technologies (i.e., ceramic filters). i like that charity:water uses a range of solutions to provide clean water, including well rehabilitation. i'm not aware if they have a maintenance training program incorporated into their efforts, but it would be great if they do. seems to be one of the critical missing components to many clean water schemes.

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The aim of CSIS's Mission to Kenya was to identify models of successful global health programs to help inform the Obama Administration's policy on international development (i.e., how to spend Obama's $63 billion budget for global health). Thus, my posts on CSIS's blog focused on two of the most unique features of AMPATH's model. My first post (from yesterday) focused on how AMPATH works within the existing framework of Kenya's government. My second post focuses on the interrelationship between health and socioeconomics. Again, you can read it in context by clicking here (note: they posted it as one long entry...

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